Non-Medical, Full-Spectrum Collaborative Care

Human-Centric Support Services for Serious Illness, Aging, and End of Life

Individuals and Families

Every situation is different. Present for You's support is uniquely adaptable, catering to you and your family's specific non-medical needs. Whether it's engaging in bedside conversations, assisting with legacy projects, providing companionship, or ensuring caregiver respite, our support is customized to meet you where you are.


Through open communication and collaboration, we work together with physicians and other providers to meet the unique needs of not just the patients in your care but their whole families, as they define them. We have established an efficient referral process to ensure a smooth transition of care from the medical to the non-medical and back.


Present for You works alongside hospice and other end-of-life organizations to provide comprehensive support for individuals nearing the end of life, their families, and for the hospice teams as well. Our End-of-Life Doula support can be customized for each situation to address the emotional, spiritual, and practical needs of those in your care.


Non-medical concerns during serious illness and in the later stages of life often lead to unnecessary and costly medical treatments in inefficient settings. By addressing the emotional, spiritual, and practical needs of subscribers and their families before an emergency arises, our services can reduce costs while improving satisfaction.

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