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Improving Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care

Unaligned patient goals and expectations lead to avoidable and costly use of acute care, increasing pressure on emergency departments, admissions, procedures, and sub-specialties. By supporting human and social needs more consistently, Present for You can help to manage and define successful outcomes. In addition, the increasing recognition of social isolation and loneliness are core to our model of care.

Improved Outcomes

Our services are aimed at improving patient outcomes by addressing non-medical issues, leading to better overall health and well-being.

Relational Care

People resort to acute care when they don't know where to turn. Emotional partnerships with clients lead to trusted relationships that can ensure that care sought aligns with the care needed.


Suppport Connections

Present for You and our hospice collaborators created the Support Connections program to bridge the critical gaps in care for aging individuals and those living with end-stage serious illness—for whom hospice is not yet suitable. By offering a coordinated, compassionate experience, the program works to prevent unnecessary and costly acute care like emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

The Serious Illness Companion program used in parallel with nursing resources provided through hospice addresses both human and social needs, including the significant impacts of isolation and loneliness. The program aims to redefine patient-centered outcomes through a model that emphasizes both comprehensive non-medical support and optimal resource utilization, ensuring that patient goals and expectations are met with empathy and efficiency.
Patient Expectations

Tailoring overall care to meet individual goals, enhancing patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Resource Efficiency

Optimizing the use of healthcare resources to deliver effective and efficient patient care.

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